The Whole Existence Of The Group Of Companies Is About You!

Our motto is Ex-Ánimo! - from the heart, because all we do, we do from the heart.

The question therefore is what can we do for you, how can we help you to equip your businesses with legal protection and transfer of skills, whilst adding value?

In which way, big or small can we lift you up to reach higher and achieve your dreams?

We are only ever happy to be of service and to encourage you on your journey, it is your success that drives our passion!

Our service offerings are below and with each service you get a side of good ol’ fashioned friendly advice.

Our Tailored Services For You


These services are highly skilled as they tend to record legal proceedings and the turnaround times are quite strict.

Transcriptions are necessary where an entire record of proceedings is required, verbatim.

Our team of language experts use their experience gained in the HR and legal sectors to provide accurately prepared documents for our clients.

Document Editing and Proofreading

The oxford dictionary of English defines the words editing and proofreading as follows:
- Edit is to prepare written material for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.
- Proofreading is to read a printer’s proofs or other written or printed material and mark any errors.

Reviewing of written material whether academic or non-academic in order to assist the writer to refine the wording they used and to detect nuances in their wording.

Apply editing and proofreading principles that have been developed over years by experts and are applied internationally.

A team of language experts ready to assist you to produce beautifully written documents.

Integrated Annual report writing and review

It is written in more of a narrative form, with governance and other assurance functions receiving sufficient coverage.

An integrated report is a report that not only focuses on the financial aspects of a company, but it also combines all the various activities of the business and how these impact the success and profitability of the company.

Provide inputs into the integrated report in collaboration with the respective businesses.

Ensure alignment to best practice.

Ensure companies that there are proper governance approvals of the integrated report, depending on whether this is in the public or private domain.

Edit and proofread the written content to ensure that the document is presented free of spelling and grammatical errors to the end users.

Scribing at Conferences and Report Writing

Scribing at conferences and report writing involves attending conferences and taking comprehensive notes of the events and summarising these for use by the conference organisers and attendees.

These services are provided to ensure we place seasoned scribes who have past experience.

Our team also colaborates with service providers within the same industry to ensure we obtain the best language service providers.


Providing translation for various commercial, academic and other written works.

We have native language speakers as well as professionals who specifically train in these languages.

Providing translations for the following languages:- Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

Legal Services

Providing legal advice.

Drafting of Contracts, SLAs, MoI and Shareholder Resolutions.

Management of legal risks related to the duties of directors.

Providing guidance on legislative compliance and development of compliance frameworks.

Risk Management and assistance with related processes.

Policy development and review.

Online Training

Data Protection and Privacy across continents including POPIA.

Governance from a Director's perspective.

Governance from a Executive's perspective.

Meeting Administration and Minute Taking.

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