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Our training academy will assist professionals to put their best foot forward in the following areas: governance, inclusive of compliance, ethics, policy development, risk management, supply chain management and overall company secretarial administrative  practice.

We believe that as a country we need these skills in both the public and private sector as can be seen in the media reports about non-compliance and in some cases blatant disregard of the rules that should ensure that as a country we have ethical corporate citizens who not only profess the triple bottom line in their integrated reports but actually carry these out. 

“I am passionate about developing individuals to excel. To contribute to the success of their organizations. Become leaders in their organizations especially women and the youth. It’s all about paying it forward.” – Anastasia Machobane

Our Courses

Why attend the training session:

The data privacy landscape is changing in South Africa to align to global requirements.

Deadline to be fully compliant was 30 June 2021.

We will provide an outline of the requirements for the appointment of Data Protection Officers.

The ease at which information is shared is faster and more permeating than ever.

Why attend the training session:

Being a director of a company is one of those things many people take as natural like being a business person.

Anybody can start a business but not everybody who may start a business can be director.

Many people who are directors do not even understand what it means to be director.

Some people who think understand what it means to be a director may only understand from one perspective not through the relevant governance framework considered collectively.

Why attend the training session:

Government of the Republic of South Africa through the many arms of state including the three spheres of government is arguably the biggest money spender on procurement.

Government generally procures goods and services from general to specialised types of goods and services.

The processes of procuring from government continue to be regulated and the chances of being appointed to provide goods or services requires certain knowledge of the requirements.

Why attend the training session:

To learn about what contracting is;

Types of contracting;

The value of proper contracting;

The business vulnerabilities caused by lack of appropriate contracting;

Why attend the training session:

Providing the directors of the company collectively and individually with guidance as to their duties, responsibilities and powers.

Making the directors aware of any law relevant to or affecting the company.

Ensuring that minutes of all shareholders meetings, board meetings and the meetings of any committees of the directors, or of the company’s audit committee, are properly recorded in accordance with this Companies Act.

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