PRICE: R 2499.00

Why attend the training session:

  • Expand our knowledge and understanding of the topic “Diversity & Inclusion”.
  • Awareness of unconscious bias and other barriers to diversity and inclusion.
  • Explore ways of creating and maintaining a respectful, inclusive workplace.
  • Learn about Diversity and Inclusion best practices.
  • Reflect on Diversity and Inclusion (Self/Family/Organization/Communities).
  • Reimagine (current and future) diverse and inclusive workplaces.
  • Reset (our mindsets, attitude, behavior, beliefs and values etc…).

What will you learn from attending:

  • This training aims to improve employee retention, increases morale, reduces workplace harassment and improves recruitment efforts to create a more diverse work force.
  • Empower Leaders and Managers  in their response to workplace diversity and inclusion.
  • Advance Leaders to be intentional putting People first before strategy.

Where will the training be held:

  • Training will be provided online
  • In person at our training center (maximum 20 people)
  • Blended learning

How long is the training:

  • 4 Hours

What does the fee include?

  • Training material.
  • Access to reliable WiFi.
  • Refreshments (for on-site) attendees.
  • The first 30 members who book will receive a complimentary gift!

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Once you have filled in the form our team will be in contact with you to secure your booking.

Course Information

  • Where will the training be held:
    Training will be provided online due to Covid
  • How long is the training:
    4 hours maximum
  • How will payment be made
    Via EFT
  • How much will the training cost:
    R 2 499 per person
  • What does the fee include:
    Course Playbook & Certificate of attendance

The first thirty attendees to book will receive a complimentary gift!

Post training assistance:

  • Bespoke training (according to client specifications) to be held In person at our training center (maximum 20 people) or at client’s premises
  • Assistance with development of relevant documents.
  • Review of existing processes.

The Presenters

Lindiwe Msiza

  • Presented by Lindiwe Msiza, who is a Change Strategist, Transformational Consultant, Wellness & Leadership Coach.
  • She specializes in planning, development, designing and facilitating change management strategies to transform & accelerate business initiatives.
  • She hosts and facilitates Workplace dialogues to open doorways towards courageous conversations, an opportunity to heal old, painful wounds in our workplaces.
  • Currently serving as a Board Member at AssitejSA, and my key responsibility is to lead, teach and coach in order to achieve organizational transformation.