Tailored Focus Areas

We provide services in the below mentioned areas of law:

Corporate & Commercial Law

Formation and registration of different types of companies.

Providing advice on the application of the Companies Act.

Drafting and providing advice to clients on all types of commercial transactions and dispute resolutions.

Cyber Law

Data and Information Privacy.


Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity.

Online Dispute Resolution.


Domain Names and Trademarks.

Interpretation of legislation.

Training on and prevention of cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity awareness including policies.

Communications & Media Law

Constitutional right to freedom of expression & freedom of the media.

Defamation law and the concept of hate speech.

Drafting and enforcing social media policies & strategies.

Drafting and enforcing electronic communications policies and strategies.

Impact of media law on the employer–employee relationship.

Privacy and data protection laws.

Advertising standards.

Competition Law

Interpretation of legislation.

Prohibited practices.

Abuse of dominance.

Vertical agreements.

Horizontal agreements.

Price setting.

Mergers and acquisitions.

Aviation Law


International Legal and Regulatory Framework.

Bilateral and Multilateral Air Service Agreements.

Aviation Security.

Liability in Air Transport.

African Air Transport Law.