PRICE: R 2499.00

Why attend the training session:

  • The Companies Act, 2008 expects directors as well as  prescribed officers to comply with the  prescripts of the law. This training will  equip directors with information in order to ensure compliance.
  • The training ensures that directors are provided with the insights and knowledge to become as effective as possible in their role within the shortest practicable time. 
  • It further explores the requirements of good corporate governance including the legislative and regulatory framework guiding the roles and responsibilities of a governing body.
  • Through their acquired knowledge directors will be empowered to contribute meaningfully towards the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives and role as a good corporate citizen.
  • Public and Private entities, Non-Profit Organizations and any other body of persons need to know and understand the requirements of the legislation.
  • Attendees need to understand the consequences of non-compliance.

What will you learn from attending:

We will provide an overview of the following elements:

  • Companies Act and King IV Report and any other relevant laws
  • Responsibilities and duties of executives in relation to governance
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Company Strategy Setting
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Regulatory framework (Compliance Universe)
  • This is an overview of corporate governance from management perspective and sought to bring to the attention of management what they must pay attention to.
  • The issues raised in the Companies Act read with King IV Code are critical for the company to take note of and act upon for all concerned.
  • Many things are taken for granted by people in a company because they are used to doing things in a certain way whilst the compliance environment has long moved.
  • Paying attention to critical documents like the MoI, the DoA , Strategy and Compliance Universe may be the start.

Who should attend the training session:

  • C- Suite Executives
  • Prescribed Officers
  • Company Secretary
  • Anyone tasked with Combined Assurance

Where will the training be held:

  • Training will be provided online
  • In person at our training center (maximum 20 people)
  • Blended learning

How long is the training:

  • 4 Hours

What does the fee include?

  • Training material.
  • Access to reliable WiFi.
  • Refreshments (for on-site) attendees.
  • The first 30 members who book will receive a complimentary gift!

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Course Information

  • Where will the training be held:
    Training will be provided online due to Covid
  • How long is the training:
    4 hours maximum
  • How will payment be made
    Via EFT
  • How much will the training cost:
    R 2 499 per person
  • What does the fee include:
    Course Playbook & Certificate of attendance

The first thirty attendees to book will receive a complimentary gift!

Post training assistance:

  • Bespoke training (according to client specifications) to be held In person at our training center (maximum 20 people) or at client’s premises
  • Assistance with development of relevant documents.
  • Review of existing processes.

The Presenters

Presenters together with Anastasia Machobane:


  • Mr. Lungile Mabece who is is a senior attorney of more than 20 years’ experience.
  • Mr Mabece holds BProc and LLB degrees from the University of the Western Cape and is broadly experienced in regulated environments as well as commercial and corporate law.
  • He is also experienced within both statutory and corporate governance fields.
  • He, amongst others drafts legislation for several government departments and is a specialist in land transport law and ICT law.