Why attend the training session:

  • Being a director of a company is one of those things many people take as natural like being a business person.
  • Anybody can start a business but not everybody who may start a business can be a director.
  • Many people who are directors do not even understand what it means to be a director.
  • Some people who think understand what it means to be a director may only understand from one perspective, not through the relevant governance framework considered collectively.
  • The purpose of our training is to expose and equip attendees with the understanding of what it means to be a director from the Companies Act, 2008, King IV Report, 2016 as well as the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (PFMA).
  • The three documents are considered separately and then integrated for an appropriate understanding of how the directors must consider them in real-life situations depending on the context of the private sector as well as that of the public sector in the instance of state-owned companies.

What will you learn from attending:

  • Companies Act with special focus on relevant definitions, ex officio director, prescribed officer, governance of companies with special focus on relevant sections of Chapter 2 Part F of the Act, MOI, Shareholders Agreement & Rules of the Company;
  • With regard to King IV Report the focus is on relevant definitions, differences between previous King Reports and the King IV, King IV Report objectives, Principles 1-9 and key recommended practices ;
  • PFMA focuses on relevant definitions, as well as sections 49,50,51,54 and 56;
  • The integrated application of the two or three depending on whether one is a director of a private or a state-owned company is explored to enable a director to appreciate how the Companies Act, King IV Report and PFMA are applied in real-life situations.

Where will the training be held:

  • Training will be provided online or
  • In-person at our training center (maximum 12) or
  • Client’s premises

Duration of the training:

  • 3 days
  • The duration of the training is 4 hours per day
  • Dates and times for the training and the costs will be customized to suit the client

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General Information

Minimum of 12 participants is required for a training session

Our proposal is negotiable both in terms of content, time allocated as well as pricing

Our training may be supplemented by additional services that may be identified by the attendees during the training, same is quoted and charged for separately