SMMES Loadshedding Electricity

SMMES Loadshedding Electricity

Loadshedding has numerous negative effects on so many levels.

Today I had to send a message to my team to rather work from home because there are water restrictions.

Whether these are caused by the lack of electricity to run the equipment to pump water where required or poor planning I have no idea at the moment.

As an emerging business, that is already paying a levy to our landlord for providing a back up generator we can not afford to miss a day of work.

We need to generate income by meeting our clients’ timelines.

Board meetings will not be postponed because we don’t have electricity or water. Minutes, matters arising and resolutions still have to be circulated on time. Legal opinions still have to go out on time.

Output is what we pride ourselves in. That’s how we retain our clients. If we are not able to deliver as expected, due to loadshedding and it’s consequences, we may not be able to survive this course of events.

Who do we turn to?

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