Entrepreneurs Lawyer Opportunities

Entrepreneurs Lawyer Opportunities

Youth unemployment remains one of the things that keep me up at night.

The current protests at universities are a real eye opener that there has to be a different approach post matric. Not everyone needs to go to university to contribute to the economy. There will never be enough spaces and residences for everyone who applies and is accepted into university.

One thing that concerns me the most is, when graduates are unable to secure work, what chance does the rest of the youth that did not or could not complete their studies have?

When we receive applications in our company through our website, it breaks my heart to see how many law graduates are looking for employment and are even willing to work for free. As a lawyer, who knows what it takes to complete the degree, it breaks me that someone is willing to work for free or for any amount we can afford.

I have written extensively about my love for creating employment. But this is not enough. We need real commitment from both the public and private sectors to create these opportunities.

I have personally experienced the feeling of persecution for being an entrepreneur. The system is not geared to encourage those who are either brave or crazy like me, who are willing to forego a full time salary.

At the end of it all, we need the support of the private and public sector to open doors for entrepreneurs and help us help the unemployed youth of our country.

I am a firm believer that when someone wakes up daily and has something to do, it gives them a sense of purpose. Imagine all the other social ills this will keep our youth from?

They need to be the masters of their own fate… Invictus

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