Workplace bullying has driven me out of my writing ✍️ hiatus.

Workplace bullying has driven me out of my writing ✍️ hiatus.

I’ve had the unenviable duty of picking up one of my mentees after she was systematically broken down by a manager and then not defended by a system that was supposed to provide the necessary counsel and support. By that system I mean Human Resources.

I still have mixed views on the efficacy of having a function such as Human Resources. Perhaps if the function actually focuses on Human Capital, they may see their actual responsibilities as being just that, Managing humans as the most important capital of the business.

Workplace bullying is real and in my personal experience came at the hand of those I least expect it from.

It can be subtle,direct or a mixture of the two. The aim is to discredit the recipient until they actually believe in this. For a non-confrontational person, this can be a living nightmare.

I have referred my mentee to this book by Sihle Bolani that I read when I needed to contextualize what I was experiencing. She’s now taking anti depressants as well as anti anxiety treatment to cope with life as it is now.

Until when are corporates going to turn a blind eye to this cancer that reduces even the most intelligent and hardworking employees to a complete opposite of who they are? It boggles the mind.

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