Women’s Day thoughts 💭

Women’s Day thoughts 💭

This Woman’s Day, I personally do not find myself thinking warm and fuzzy 💭 thoughts.

I’ve been following the news reports on the atrocities committed against women, in some cases at the hands of loved ones.

It does not inspire hope.

Is it perhaps because of the fact that we are defined as “rocks” that we inadvertently make ourselves targets of male dominance? Those who have the sole purpose of showing us that we can shatter?

Human trafficking is done at the hands of men who sell women for pleasure and slavery, another sign of dominance and shattering the rock?

For me, there’s so much going wrong that even the thought of celebrating our strength as women feels meaningless.

We do not need a day to validate our achievements. We need awareness of the daily plight of women for whom just waking up alive is an achievement.

One other aspect I have written about previously is the emotional abuse of women at the hands of other women in the workplace.

This, for me is something that causes a lot of depression and anxiety and is seldom addressed in a meaningful way. Most of the women that suffer workplace bullying are let down by a system that does not give them any option but to “suck it up” or leave their jobs. Most do not even have an alternative option, just so that they can get away from the toxic environment they find themselves in.

So, I am not celebrating this day.

Not with so much that needs to be done for women to wake up with hope for a life that does not depend on mere survival, or proving ourselves as rocks.

Namaste 🙏🏾

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