Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

I invested in a book (one of many…) by John C Maxwell titled “Daily Guidance for Leaders”. The phrase that stuck with me in one of the daily guidance notes is the following: “A life of continual growth is never easy, but a good environment makes the swim upstream a little less difficult.”

I therefore decided yesterday to start reading the entire “Zondo Commission” reports. Yes, all of it. One page at a time of course! Lots of coffee, wine and chocolate 🍫 will be needed in my survival box!

Why, you may ask…

Firstly, for me to be an expert in my field, I need to constantly grow in knowledge, which will then be of benefit to our clients.

Secondly there’s so much to learn about the issues around mismanagement, boards overreaching their mandate, shareholder interference, the role of the Company Secretary and those entrusted with lines of defense as well as the impact of a lack in internal controls, amongst others.

Even though the majority of our clients are in the private sector, some with an international footprint, the lessons are invaluable to the practice of good corporate governance and essentially how ethical companies need to behave.

I am not sure how long it will take me to finish reading the reports, I may have senior citizen status by then 🤓.

One thing for sure, I will finish reading the reports because I don’t commit unless I can see things through!

This will also form part of our training to company secretaries, directors and executives who are taking their legislated roles seriously.

Here’s to day one of reading 📖

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