The Non- Profit Organisations that are superheroes!

The Non- Profit Organisations that are superheroes!

I just received an email from LinkedIn and could not resist the urge to give Kudos to the NPOs where I serve as a director as well as an NPO that is close to my heart.

These are ASSITEJ SA, More Community Foundation as well as Modern Community Foundation.

ASSITEJSA ( we are a national network organisation of artists, educators, organisations and institutions from all the provinces that deal with theatre for children and young audiences. Give us a visit and see the Beautiful work we do.

More Community Foundation ( we are a foundation that believes that by empowering communities to contribute their own resources, efforts and skills, projects are kept alive into the future. Everyone has a role to play, which inspires a sense of Pride, Security and ultimately happiness in each member of the Community.

Modern Community Foundation ( advocates for the upliftment, upskilling and education of their beneficiaries.

We always appreciate support, so we can keep doing what we do for our beneficiaries.

I know there are many more NPOs that do a phenomenal job in uplifting communities and I hope we will all play our part in supporting a good cause for the benefit of all of humanity 🙂

Namaste! Muchas Gracias!
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