The Journey Ahead

The Journey Ahead

This morning I woke up feeling very uncertain as to why I need to keep pursuing my dreams, passion and purpose. Everything seemed overwhelming and I was questioning my decision to venture out on my unicorn 🦄 wearing my superwoman cape to go and change the world, when it comes at such a high price financially and emotionally.

Then my phone rang and it was a parcel 📦 delivery. My day changed for the better!

It was the #leadershipmagazine where I am featured in the May 2021 issue, in one of their segments. I was at that very moment reminded of why I am doing this. Yes I will make mistakes, yes I will miscalculate, but that’s part of being in the arena.

Ten years ago, I was a plus one to my mentor at an event and she pushed me to take a “cover pic” for the #leadershipmagazine and now it’s a reality. Next time I know I will be on the front cover!

My approach to life has always been to take calculated decisions and to never regret having taken them. However, in some instances it is always good to reflect on the lessons learnt from the experience, whether good or bad, no experience is ever wasted.

I truly believe that as much as the pandemic has really been hard on the entire world, when I take one step back, I notice that in a way it has propelled the human race forward to new ways of living and thinking. In order to survive we have to adapt, and I guess it’s the same for businesses, the old status quo is not going to yield the same results. Being selfless in my journey, I truly believe that it is one of the ways I can change lives of those around me and have a positive impact. It is not an easy journey, it will continue having its Goliaths and valleys, however it is worth it, I will stay the course until I slay those giants and reach the mountain top!

Moral of the story, even when it’s hard to keep motivated, keep moving forward🤎🦄 #entrepreneurjourney #motivationalspeaking #mentoringworks #neverquit #authenticity

PS. Get your copy of the May 2021 Leadership Magazine, its packed full of interesting and thought provoking articles.

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